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Name:Detective Julie Gresham
Birthdate:Feb 14
Location:New York City, New York, United States of America
Website:♥ Dream Like New York


Julie is the oldest of six children to the Gresham family. She was followed by two younger brothers, Jacob and Charlie, and three younger sisters, April, Maggie and Rose. The family's hometown is Jacksonville, Florida, but Julie move to New York City when she was offered a place at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice where she completed a Masters in Criminal Justice majoring in Criminology and Police Studies. She went right on to the Police Academy, and being very career-focused, she managed to climb the ranks to Detective, even if there was some glass ceiling hurdles she was challenged with.

Making Detective partnered her with very rough and ready, yet experienced and street-smart Detective Euan Fitzpatrick, who was a bit daunting to Julie at first. He swore a lot, he drank a lot, and he fucked a lot, yet she soon discovered he had a heart of gold and he was one of those partners who would literally die to save your life. He had a very colourful and rough past, but she never judged him for it. She was always simply grateful he shared it with her, something he did as soon as they were assigned to each other. His past, however, meant he was very smart when it came to reading criminals because he used to be one, and Julie began to learn a lot from him.

When Euan ended up resigning from the NYPD to move to England, Julie was crushed and her new partner turned out to be a rigid asshole she never truly connected with. She realised how spoiled she had been with Euan, even if he could be an arrogant shit sometimes and often riled her up just for his own entertainment. It was just when Julie was contemplating moving stations, or even states, that Euan was suddenly back in his old position and Julie was so relieved to see him back that she hugged him like she never wanted to let go.

The UST was undeniable, but she never acted on it. At least, not yet. She wasn't even sure it was reciprocated, and being the professional she was, she really does not want to compromise her work ethic by sleeping with her partner. However, talking to Euan's old partner (prior to Julie even starting at the precinct), Joanne made her realise that it wasn't such an unusual occurrence. It was just about setting boundaries. Of course, Julie assumed then that Jo had slept with Euan and experience an uncharacteristic streak of jealous that really through her. Jo sensed it and just laughed, reminding Julie she was a lesbian but she had slept with colleagues. It's something Julie hasn't been able to shake from her mind, but she is still convincing herself she will never act on it and that Euan is really, really not her type... especially considering he returned from England with a 10 year old son Euan had stepped up to raise when the poor kid's mother was thrown in prison for drug dealing.

Julie's a protective older sibling and adores all her brothers and sisters. She was over the moon when her two sisters also made the move to NYC and was glad when Rose and Maggie got a place together so they weren't alone. Julie's very smart, or she would never have climbed the career ladder like she did, and she won't suffer fools. However, she nearly lost her resolve when her boss tried to sexually assault her in the elevator one evening when Euan was in London. She had battled internally with whether to report him or not, but it was taken out of her hands when the CCTV footage was submitted as evidence for another complaint of sexual harassment of a younger uniform police woman in the precinct. Discovering she wasn't the only victim and furious at the bastard, she helped take him down and be stripped of his Lieutenant position and his badge.

Rumours were that Euan was being brought back to take the position, but upon his arrival, turned down the job offer for reasons Julie has never been able to get out of him. She is still somewhat shaken inside from the near-miss of almost being raped by her boss, but she's seeing a psychologist about it and working to becoming a stronger person for it.

Julie is for the musebox/PSL, [community profile] dreamlikenewyork.

DISCLAIMER: Julie is an original character and has no fandom affiliation. Her backstory is the work of her mun. No copyright infringement intended. Her PB is Bryce Dallas Howard, who belongs to herself. Her sole universe is [community profile] dreamlikenewyork.

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